Is 4 Sticks of RAM Better Than 2?

Hey audience, this blog article is specially posted for you if you have been trying to upgrade to 4 RAM sticks but are still determining if it will value the extra investment. Here I will discuss your computer hardware, what you need to know about, and whether 4 RAM sticks give you an excellent performance. Is 4 Sticks of RAM Better Than 2, described below in detail?

On how RAM functions and its specifications, to begin with, some knowledge on how RAM works:

RAM is an abbreviation of Random Access Memory. Not so important that your computer will function better if you have more RAM. In a system’s performance, the amount of memory available and the type of CPU are two main factors that mean a specific number of sticks to regulate if extra RAM has any impact depending on what other hardware installs.

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Memory Clock:

When it is about reading or writing information, the Memory Clock tells about the speed at which it operates, and Memory Card is how quickly your Central Processing Unit can access your RAM. The speed range is from 3200 MHz, the fastest, to the slowest, i.e., 800 MHz (they are the examples, especially when you overclock it, they are speedier memory clocks).

About its capabilities, your sheet related to computer specifications will provide details. In general, higher speeds allow faster read times, so they are better, which means that the processor will retrieve information. 


For even and odd addresses, a type of chipset design improves data throughput by breaking the bandwidth into two channels, known as dual-channel memory. To ensure maximum performance, these should be in the proper slots if you have more than one stick of RAM, as without competing with one another, they will both take advantage of this feature.

Are four Sticks of RAM better than 2 Intel?

The four sticks of RAM runs slowly compared to 2 Intel paired up in dual-channel mode.

Is it worth having four Sticks of RAM?

If I talk about specific scenarios, installing four memory modules in a dual-channel system can improve performance. However, this won’t automatically translate into a five to seven percent game performance boost.

How many RAM Sticks should I use?

 “You should use an equal number of RAM sticks.”

 The final statement is that you should use an equal number of RAM sticks. You do not need to use two, four, or six RAM sticks, like the first section on different sizes. You can only use one stick of RAM, so why are the single sticks of RAM manufactured?

Is four Sticks of 8GB RAM better than 2 16GB?

Which is better, two 16GB sticks or four 8GB sticks? Increasing the RAM’s speed will have little impact on performance. Only if numerous applications or virtual machines are open at once and the page file utilizes heavily will we be adding another 16GB of help.

Is 32GB RAM Overkill?

It is only sometimes valid that the RAM of 32 GB is considered overkill in most situations. The amount of 32 GB is appropriate in some cases. With the increasing time, it is an excellent way to future-proof the PC as required.

In what situation are 2 Sticks a Better Choice than 4?

The situations mention below:

You should go with two if:

If the CPU is more powerful and your GPU is not stronger than your CPU, then you will not notice any boost in performance. Down the line, you decide on possibly increasing the total memory. To add more capacity further down the line, getting two sticks will allow you two extra free slots.

It is worth the five to seven percent extra performances if two sticks are significantly cheaper than four, and you do not think about the price difference.

You should go with four if:

Having 4 RAM modules increased the FPS; we observed that when the CPU bottlenecked games, the CPU was weaker than the GPU. To handle up to quad-channel memory, you have a Cascade Lake-X processor or a Thread ripper, as they mean. It is worth the difference in price between 4 sticks vs. two sticks, and you think that five to seven percent increased performance.

Can I put 4 RAM sticks together?

Putting your RAM into any slot is a common misconception about RAM. If you are interested in doing that, it is useless as it will work ineffectively or won’t work. For the best results, always purchase the matched pairs of RAM (from the same company, two sticks, having the same capacity and speed) if you have four RAM slots.

Does the RAM affect FPS?

A higher RAM will help produce more FPS since RAM stores short-term information. As it increases, the speed of the computer RAM is the critical tool that helps. Allowing your computer with the storage capacity is slow but enables it to be closed.


As we can see, there are better options to use only 2 Sticks if you seek maximum speed. Furthermore, contrary to the widespread notion, going with only two drives is sometimes ideal, even with CPUs that support dual memory channels.

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