How to Fix Bent CPU Pins?

On the processor’s inner side, the giant plane’s delicate pins are present. These pins can bend back; it is okay if they lean back. You do not have to worry. If the pins got bent on your central processing unit, here is how to fix bent CPU pins.

Different ways are available to fix bent CPU pins. For realigning bent pins, specialized tools are available that people know. Some methods are there that you can use to set the bent pins of the central processing unit, and these methods do not cost you much:

  • To determine the cause due to which CPU pins bend
  • By using a mechanical pencil, pins can realign
  • With the help of a needle, you can fix bent pins
  • By using a credit card, you can bend the back rows of bent pins

For another process, I will provide you with some tips.

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What Causes Bent CPU Pins?

The socket pins of the CPU are very flexible and can easily bend. Be careful while you are handling the chip of a CPU.

  • If you insert the CPU improperly into the socket and at a place locking, it causes most of the pins to get bent.
  • Pins can damage the CPU.
  • The CPU pins can distort if dirt is present in the grid of pins in the socket.
  • If the CPU knocks against the surface, the pins will bend out of alignment.
  • Sometimes it becomes easier for the CPU to start if the bent pins. They create problems for the hardware.

So, if you find the pins which are bent, then you can quickly sort out this issue by everyday items that are present in your home.

How to tell if CPU Pins are Bent?

Looking at the pins, you can easily recognize that they are bent. In undamaged CPU pins, they must be straightened perfectly and should align. If you need clarification about whether the central processing unit’s pins are bent, you can look at the CPU using a magnifying glass or at the CPU from different angles. The mounted magnifying mirror can help you identify the bent pins you can fix later, as the rivets and CPU are both pretty small.

You can determine whether the pins are not standing straight by holding the CPU up to the level of your eye, then looking straight down the rows will help you out.

What to do if CPU pins are bent?

You should be able to determine if they are bent by looking at them. If the CPU is not damaged, every pin should be smooth and straight.

If you’re having difficulties determining whether the pins are bent, try viewing the CPU from several angles or employing a magnifier. Due to the small size of the CPU and the nails, having a fixed magnifying glass may help locate and repair bent pins.

Fixing Bent PGA Pins:

To get the PGA pins to straighten the following things you can use. The thin enough screwdriver, something the most delicate card or any card made of plastic you can use, and precision tweezers can use. Many people use tweezers, but I prefer the screwdriver method or the card, as I avoid things requiring precision.

How to Avoid Bending CPU Pins?

When you are holding the CPU, remember to take precautions. Please avoid using the other tools over it and storing it under heavy things. There are more chances for the pins to get bent if you use the dropped screwdriver.

You must be careful when working with the motherboard and the CPU. Be cautious that pins do not touch anything while removing it, straighten it up by lifting it with the help of two fingers and then set it down wherever you find a place for it.

How to Repair Bent CPU Pins?

You can repair bent CPU pins with the help of a mechanical pencil.

  1. If you need to fix the bent pins with a mechanical pencil, you look forward to a time to straighten them out. Before starting, permanently remove the lead from the pencil.
  2. On a stable flat surface, place the computer. Using your hands easily would be better if you have something to hold steadily.
  3. Around a pin, place the empty head of a pencil.
  4. Use steady and slow pressure to pull to keep it in position. It is quite a slow process but quite effective rather than breaking off a pin.
  5. To observe the smoothness of progress, you can use the method of a razor blade or run a credit card between the rows.

This method can also fix bent CPU pins on the motherboard.


Keep bent CPU connector pins from retaining you down! Keep in mind that these can be corrected. A summary of the topics that have been discussed, like how to fix bent CPU Pins, is as follows:

  1. It is possible to realign the CPU pins using a mechanical pencil.
  2. Using a sewing needle, hooked wires on Intel sockets can twist back into their original position.
  3. Pins on a central processing unit (CPU) can realign with the help of a credit card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use My CPU if a Pin Is Broken?

Generally, if the pin breaks, it means that your CPU is no more to work. People have tried to use them in various ways, but unfortunately, they failed. No method was there that could recommend to the public. From other components, that motherboard can damage or may have a broken piece that might result in complicated removal.

What Are Signs of Bent Pins in a Computer?

Including the computer POSTs, various problems may arise that can cause bent pins. That may include issues with RAM, the clock’s speed becoming lower, or you may find slots in the motherboard that need to fix. At first, not necessary that the error appears related to bent pins.

Will Bending My CPU Pins Void My Warranty?

If under warranty, you must avoid bending the CPU pins. Before taking a start, you should ask and support whether the contract is covering bent pins. To void the warranty, any additional damage has a chance.

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