How much Ram does Discord use?

Discord is an app for video makers and players. They can use it to work on tasks, have group conversations, and more. The increased CPU utilization that comes with this multitasking ability is average, but the red flags rise if there is a problem with the app or the computer. Though it can run on as few as 50MB of RAM in the process, regular use of Discord can increase that to anywhere from 300MB and 600MB. If you’re using Discord for video or voice chat while streaming, that number can rise even higher. However, Discord uses a limited amount of Memory overall.

When you add in the extra funds required for voice and video chat and streaming gameplay footage, you can expect RAM consumption to skyrocket even more, which gives the warning about how much RAM does Discord use.

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How Much CPU Does Discord Use?

The processing power is often by the Discord and the CPU’s power with RAM. We cannot determine the exact amount of Discord used by the CPU, but it must be lower than the other applications and programs until the time you are running.

How to Reduce the Amount of RAM Discord Uses

To reduce the amount of RAM discord uses following steps are mentioned that will help you out:

  1. At first, you have to switch on the acceleration of the hardware.
  2. If it is not processing, you can turn it off, having no issue.
  3. Now the number of CPU cores is essential to determine.
  4. Then, you can remove, then again install the Discord.
  5. Finally, the steps are done, and you can restart Discord.

With no cause apparently, the users can notice that Discord sometimes uses excessive rates of RAM; over time it has become famous.

But unfortunately, the users spread the news that Discord has usage of 500MB through to 1GB, while in actuality, Discord is not doing so like this.

Luckily, many things are available to help reduce how much RAM Discord is in use.

1. Turn On Hardware Acceleration

By turning on the hardware acceleration, the Discord RAM problem can solve in case the hardware acceleration is off.

The different tasks of the central processing unit transfer to other parts of the system, which may include the GPU or graphics card.

When you observe the rise in the strains of the central processing unit, you can run more RAMs with the help of data much faster as it is free. This step is relatively easy because of the presence of fewer specifications.

2. Turn Off Hardware Acceleration

Sometimes the situations become problematic, and hardware acceleration affects Discord to run worst. It usually happens when the more powerful CPU cores become weak while you are doing something important. In such cases, the tasks are broken effectively due to hardware acceleration, due to which it runs slowly.

You can turn off the hardware acceleration if everything runs smoothly and you have more RAM and CPU power.

3. Increase How Many CPU Cores You’re Using

There is a more burden on RAM if the number of cores is less and Discord is consuming more power that results in difficulty for the CPU to handle. But here is the way out; you can increase the number of cores the CPU can operate, including its overall capacity and energy.

4. Delete and Reinstall Discord

If the above methods seem useless to solve the more usage of RAM so no worries, as you can have the option to delete and reinstall Discord.

5. Kill the Process and Restart Discord

The Task Manager can determine how much RAM Discord or other issue is in use. If more amount of RAM is constantly in use by Discord, then the process can end and reopen to observe whether it can fix the issue.


Although Discord only needs a little Memory to run, there are times when it can end up using way more than it should, which can result in problems. The real Memory used by Discord depends on how you use it. Even if it’s just text, a conversation uses more Memory than having the program open in the process. Fortunately, several potential solutions address how much Ram does Discord use.

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