How much Power does RAM use?

The power usage by the memory component depends on various factors, such as which model you are using. How many applications are installed in your computer system? How much time have you used your system? Do you overclock your system? The answers to all these questions will be different for everyone, so we can’t advertise the specific use of the power of any memory.

As a thumb role, for every 8GB of DDR3 or DDR4 memory, you wish to allot 3 watts of power. High-power memory, such as Ballistix, uses more energy. When you overclock such high-performance memory, the power usage will increase. The registered component uses additional power. The power usage by the Load-Reduced is less per GB.

To know how much power RAM is used, I have summarized some details about the power usage of RAM. Let’s dive in to learn.

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Power Usage by 3060:

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX is not a power hunter beast like the high-rated graphics card such as RTX graphic cards. The power consumption by the RTX 3060 is about 170 W. The NVIDIA recommendation is 550W PSU.

How many Watts does 32GB RAM use?

This RAM uses more power, and they use power with no restriction of memory’s stick size. When the 32GB is overclocked, it uses about 1.8v at maximum. Otherwise, it uses 1.65v.    

The 32 GB RAM is good enough for individuals who play modern gaming tiles, and the 16GB is suggested for trending gaming tiles. The gaming process and the graphics are pleasant in 32GB. In conclusion, 32GB RAM falls in the overkill category.

How much RAM does a Laptop have?

The minimum RAM a laptop should have is 8GB. This much RAM is suitable for people with a moderate budget. This amount of RAM is recommended for primary or general office work, and gamers looking for soldered RAM will need more time to upgrade it.

How much RAM does a GPU have?

The recommended RAM for most of the games is 16GB. This amount of RAM can help you to experience the speedy and high performance of the games without any lag issues. At a minimum, you can also use 8GB of RAM for games.

But more than 6GB is needed for gaming purposes. Some games may run with some stuttering, but you won’t experience smooth running. So this minimum amount of RAM is not recommended.

Which one is better, 16GB or 32GB?

As a professional user, you must have RAM that can store enough data and help in the smooth running of the PC without lagging, so you can enjoy using the system at full speed in your work or while playing games. But if you want a general or routine appointment, you can go for 16GB. It will run your system smoothly with no lag.

In conclusion, 32GB is best for high workloads and high-tech apps and games that need much RAM for working and good performance. On the other hand, 16GB is best for low-level work that doesn’t consume much RAM.

Is 128GB RAM Excessive or Overkill?

If you do not take a high workload from the system, the 128GB can be excessive for your computer. But if you are going to edit videos with 8k resolution or working on programs that demand multiple RAM or requires high RAM, then you might know that it is a good amount of RAM.

IS 32 GB Good for Gaming?

As high-tech games demand more RAM for smooth running, otherwise they will start lagging. So to experience the excellent running of games, 32GB will be good enough RAM for high-tech games to enjoy at full speed.


The power used by the RAM is different for every system. Some use more power as they perform heavy workloads and run high-power games, whereas some RAM consumes less power as they are not used for high-power games or workloads but are used for general purposes like routine office work.

So to conclude, power usage by the RAM depends on the purpose of the system’s RAM being used. If the RAM is used for a high-tech purpose, then power usage will be more as the RAM has to perform more work at a time, and if the workload is low, then it’s evident that the RAM will consume less power.

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