About Us

The vast web of technology surrounds us fast. I don’t think in today’s date, and time there will be any person who does not know how to use a desktop computer. Learning about technology is the best way to stay ahead of everything in this fast world. 

Smart devices and gadgets are taking over the world. It is the need of the hour. So it is best to buy the ones that will be useful for you in the long term. 

It is natural to have questions about a certain problem regarding the gadget you use. The tricky part starts when you do not have an answer to that problem. Surfing the internet sometimes helps, and sometimes it doesn’t. A user needs a platform that can answer his questions exactly. 

Our Main Purpose

Desktop Bold is all about answering those queries for you. Our team uses certain products, and we write about them the way they are. Each gadget or computer 

has its unique good qualities as well as bad qualities. There are technical gadgets that surpass the older ones in terms of fast technology and characteristics. 

Our writers work long hours to provide you with the best information about reviews, buying guides and the pros and cons of products. Moreover, we do not only help you choose a certain product with our reviews. Our team also solves your problems regarding that product. Such as if you cannot log in to your laptop account or if your laptop is slow. We provide useful information to solve these issues. 

In short, we are problem solvers. We provide you with information that is in your best interest. So you can carry it out and enjoy using your device.

What should a user look for?

It is important to know that no product will suit you. Sometimes we buy certain things on the recommendation of our inner circles, such as friends and family. But after using them, we realize this is not the right fit for me. 

That’s why I advise you to sit back and do a little research about the products. Surf around the internet and look for a product which appeals to you best. Keep your specifications in mind. Such as, if a user is looking for a PC device that can help him with each task in his office, he should go for a laptop or tablet. 

Now, which tablet or laptop should you get is your question. We answer questions like that. Products vary in terms of usage and certain qualities (portability, durability, long battery hours, large screen size, high RAM and large internal storage). A user should get a device that has at least 4 to 5 of these qualities in it. 

A working computer and a gaming computer are different. Differences like these are minor, but they can make a big difference. That is why it is best to do a little research and then buy anything. It will save a lot of your time and also your money.